Friday, 16 January 2009

The Green Truck is BACK!

This is Karissa writing... On Anna's way to Niamey, her little green truck began to get slower and slower as she went. SO, it was brought into the shop. Yesterday, we asked everyone to be praying that the truck would be fixed but really didn't even pray for it ourselves. We were given a different vehicle to take to Anna's home and as we stopped to get gas this morning before heading out, Anna looked over and there was her truck! She didn't even know where it had been taken... This was a blessing this morning and we were thankful that the Lord provided even when we didn't ask Him... So, thank you all for praying!!! He is gracious and HIS mercies are new every morning!!!

Yesterday, we went into the market. It was definitely a new experience... It is amazing to me how different this culture is. I have been taking everything in and learning more about the people here. Anna asked me what I thought about everything and I said I didn't really have words. It is just altogether different,

The IMB missionary that let us stay in her home here in Niamey was precious and her hospitality was encouraging. I really enjoyed hearing about her ministry here as she teaches English.

We will probably be heading out here shortly... Have a blessed day!


Tom Pflederer said...

Rejoicing with you in God's provision and protection and establishment of a powerful testimony in your life, looking forward to reading more.

Tom and Connie

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are there to spend time with Anna and join her in ministry. It's good to hear from you. Have a great time and you and Anna injoy your time together. Take care - Amy

Kendal Walton said...

The Lord sure has blessed the effort to get you there! It is so good to know that He has led you there safely. Of course, we are praying for you all the time. I love you!


Rachel said...

Anna and Karissa,

Praise the Lord for B's salvation!

I hope you two are having a lot of fun. Wish I could be there too!

Love you both,
Rachel Wallace