Thursday, 26 March 2009


My friend Stephen, who I've written about before and is a Christian Fulani, and I talked on the phone last night. Monday a group of Hausa people attacked his family's compound killing 15 family members and two friends (all Fulani). At this point no one knows why the attack took place. I'm not sure if the family members killed were Christians or not. It could have been cultural or religious attack, Stephen doesn't even know at this point. His mother's sister and husband were both killed leaving 5 children parentless, one of which is only 3 weeks old. He said many more of his family are also left without parents.
Please be praying for Stephen and the rest of his family as they walk through this together. Pray that it would pull those who don't know Christ closer to Him and that Stephen can be a witness to them during this time. Pray for peace and comfort.
Thanks for all you do and being faithful pray-ers.


Boppie said...

Hi Sweet Girl!

We are praying hard, Darlin'! What a heartbreak for all of you! Don't be discouraged! That is what the enemy wants! Hold onto your faith and your Lord! His sword is righteous!

Loving you from afar.

Cliff4JC said...

Wow. I shall pray for these dear brothers as they go through this. Where did this happen?


Rachel said...

Praying for Stephen. I just got caught up on some of your posts (sorry for the delayed reading) and the birth sounds so awesome! What did they name her? Love you and miss you!