Sunday, 1 March 2009

Update + Two Pictures

I am writing to you from one of Central Asia's largest cities! I know that this information may come to a shock to some of you, but I am on vacation right now with my girlfriend Mallory were she is serving here in CA. I will have plenty of time to blog more later but while I have a few minutes at this time I want to post a couple of pictures for you all to see... Enjoy!

As you read at one point, I have a guy friend that bags all of his bread on my compound and then sells it at the bus station the next morning. He is a Zerma guy and his name is Yawo. Here is a picture of him in the blue and colorful shirt with a friend. They are hard at work one morning at the bus station that I was leaving for Niamey. I decided to snap this one.

This was the day when Karissa and I were buying gas off the black market.

These are the only two that would upload at this time but Mallory just said that I can upload more and do it faster during the morning. So be watching for more!

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